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Elementary Montessori Albums

Elementary Montessori online albums, support and training for everyone working with the age 6-12 years old elementary child: homeschool, classroom school teachers, assistants, aides, parents, Montessori school employees, elementary curriculum specialists and more – at home or in schools – for children ages 6-12 (and a bit higher). The albums contain what some call the Montessori curriculum, which said curriculum is completed by following the needs and interests of the child before you.

Cosmic Education: Explore the cosmos with Montessori cosmic education – learn how to use all those Montessori timelines and elementary Montessori math materials, delve into our home, the earth and reach into the stars. Elementary Montessori children explore life both past and present while gaining the skills they need for the future – all while living NOW.

Benefits of AMI Albums for Elementary Montessori:

  • Albums are Keys-Based – providing the keys for every child, opening doors of exploration for every child to explore their own interests – they have TIME and they have SPACE to explore their universe; no being tied to just one source for your experiences and resources – children at home in all environments and learning areas. The child truly learns how to learn.
  • Montessori Elementary Albums include the complete elementary Montessori curriculum:
    • Lower elementary and upper elementary (6-12 continuum; used for both 6-9 and 9-12)
    • Introduces the Erdkinder Montessori for adolescents 12-15
  • Elementary Montessori albums include mathematics, geometry, language and literature, geography (geology, functional and economic geography, some physics), biology (botany, zoology, human health), music, art, history, astronomy,  and theory & background. Download the albums; they are also stored online for ease of access.
  • Designed for homeschool and classroom use – modified by an AMI Montessori-trained homeschooling mom who uses Montessori elementary at home with her own child right now. Whether classroom or homeschooling, these albums provide the depth of the Montessori materials while focusing on the “Montessori Svizzera.”

Key Features of the Montessori Svizzera Elementary Montessori Online Training/Support:

  • Private online support for as long as you are using the albums
  • Permanent discussion community – After the course ends, you continue to gain from the elementary Montessori community!
  • AMI-based Elementary Montessori training albums with some additional albums in AMI style – albums are provided as the course progresses.
  • Course assignments are optional – use them as they suit your needs; they are only required for those requesting a certificate of course completion.
  • Support for local educational standards and public school curriculum, particularly for Montessori homeschoolers and international schools; for teachers working at home, in schools, in co-ops or other settings – Montessori or not.
  • Downloadable printables available free on the discussion community (online support) – includes ALL impressionistic charts, printable timelines and most language materials; more. Also, discounts at Garden of Ticino online on many more downloadable elementary Montessori materials, including elementary Montessori charts, timelines, mathematics, language and more.
  • Four course options
  • Complete flexibility – just want the albums with minimal/no need for support; or need full support along the way
  • Complete album-coordinated Scope-and-Sequences and Materials lists
  • Corresponding support album for each album, with as many tips and tricks, downloads and conversational tone guidance as can be squeezed into each one!